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North India Yoga Pilgrimage

Join Hari-kirtana das and Beth Filla for two life-changing weeks of yoga, meditation, chanting, and adventure as you travel to the motherland of yoga: India. You’ll explore various aspects of yoga through daily classes and workshops, hear stories about the … Continue reading

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Are there membership plans on NomadYOGI, yet?

Finally, yes! Our SADHAKA plan is our first membership plan, released in 2015, built for Event Creators who love our free features and are ready to put more events into the directory. We designed it after listening to feedback from … Continue reading

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Why The Hell Have We Become So Distracted From Our Own Lives?

Originally posted on Unwasted Mind:
I was having a nice discussion with some friends the other day and we were basically having a talk about everything going on in the world right now and how its affecting all of us.…

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Yoga Journal interviews Maty Ezraty

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Patanjali (Ashtanga Opening Mantra)

I bow to the lotus feet of the Supreme Guru, who awakens the happiness of one’s true Self revealed. Beyond better. Like a Shaman in the jungle, he can even eliminate the most awful poison — the delusion of our … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the New Rule for Study in Mysore

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Old yogis? Young fitness age

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The Cult Could Become a Church: On David Foster Wallace

Originally posted on Longreads:
I once dated a David Foster Wallace fanboy. You know who I mean: He’s white. He’s straight. He went to a small liberal arts college. He interrogates you on which DFW books you’ve read—the novels, or…

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Can We Sustain Our Coffee Habit?

Originally posted on Longreads:
[Dr. Stephen] Gliessman argues that these resilient coffee forests will be able to survive climate change. “It is the low elevation robusta variety of coffee and the coffee that is grown in large monoculture, full sun…

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