Yoga Journal interviews Maty Ezraty

The Confluence Countdown

Maybe you’ve seen this one, posted at some point on Wednesday: Kathryn Budig interviews Maty Ezraty for Yoga Journal:

Kathryn Budig: What is your personal practice like these days?
Maty Ezraty: I’m still practicing Ashtanga and modify as needed. I have always been a slow Ashtanga practitioner. I take my time getting through the series and enjoy spending extra time in the Sun Salutations and standing poses, although these days it can be even slower! I do less of the jumps and spend more time in poses adding preps and variations. I’ll often addrestorative poses at the end of my practice using props as needed. Occasionally, I change the practice completely and do more of an Iyengar style practice. It’s a good practice for me to do things differently, to let go of the habit, but truth be told, I mainly stick with the general outline of Ashtanga. I like it. It works for me.


KB: I was your devoted student…

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