Seeking CTO / Technical Co-Founder

NomadYOGI is looking for a yoga-centered, highly motivated, results-oriented, full-stack developer with front end experience — someone who is capable of leading development, implementation, and maintenance. The ideal candidate is an efficiency nerd who is (or is ready to be) committed to helping yoga teachers and studio owners manage their social and professional lives while empowering these individuals to help others along the yoga path through technology.

About us This 2min Welcome Video explains what we do. Our goal is to bring people together so they can find what they’re looking for, making it easier for yoga teachers to find students, and easier for students to find high quality teachers to deepen their practice, while avoiding the fluff that permeates this industry. More Yoga, Less Fluff. That may not sound like a vision statement, but it is. Our goal is to elevate the conversation around yoga act as a steward for those pursuing and spreading authentic forms of yoga — whether it’s workshops, retreats, the teachers themselves, or their responses to questions from our community. There is so much bullshit out there. Certainly, a lot of it will make a lot of money but, our focus is on connecting sincere aspirants with sincere practitioners (see “Please note” at the bottom). Our focus is helping people further down the path of conscious development by cultivating and promoting education, health, kindness, peace, meditation and, ultimately, understanding the nature of reality. Everything else is fluff.

About you (personal) You must have the ability to thrive in an unstructured and dynamic environment, sharing our relentless desire to improve quality and quantity of personal production in service of the yoga community around the world. You must have a strong attention to detail while understanding (and helping drive) the vision. It would be great if you’re a lover of Lean Methodology and Antifragility.

  • Relying on the above, you’d be capable of setting various forms of customer acquisition, viral loop optimization, funnel optimization, A/B testing of landing pages and emails. Experience with email drip campaigns and direct sales is a plus
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal – English does not have to be your first language, but proficiency is necessary
  • Integrity, tenacity, responsibility, and mental capacity to set and meet deadlines

About you (technical) You’ll work closely with the founder, project manager, and current engineering staff according to our development processes and branching techniques. Eventually, you’ll be responsible for hiring & growing a new development team according to improved guidelines you’d set, including database scalability, performance upgrades, etc. You’ll be dealing with CodeIgniter, MySQL, Memcache, PHP, and front-end stuff  HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Git, Bootstrap, database design/architecture, APIs, etc. We examine our work with Mixpanel and NewRelic. The current team is small and global (a designer, a social media manager and a project manager who oversees a half dozen engineers with a QA), so there’s a lot of meaningful collaboration. You must have:

  • Expertise with repeatable, automated processes for building, testing, documenting and deploying applications at scale
  • Expertise implementing for multiple platforms, browsers and devices
  • Experience using open source tools
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience building a highly scalable e-commerce platform. To us, that means 3+ years full stack software development with an obvious love for implementing simple, elegant solutions, either on your own previous project, or in the industry.
  • Passion for quality design, thinking ahead, technical expertise, efficiency.
  • Independent thinking of business problems and their solutions
  • Solid engineering skills and flawless programming syntax

Perks of NomadYOGI

  • Completely virtual company with no central HQ. Here’s how we do it.
  • We love Digital Nomads — this position is completely “location agnostic”
  • Completely flexible working hours (just get it done)
  • Since we’re an early stage start-up in our public Beta, compensation is negotiable and will be a mix of cash and equity — the founder is currently working on another startup (

What’s next If you’re interested, please send your resume to with the words #MoreYogaLessFluff in the subject line of your email. In your cover letter, explain how you meet each, or most, of the requirements above. Please note If you have a presence on the web (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), that is not related to yoga or, worse, demonstrates that your appreciation of yoga relies solely on fancy asana photos and acrobatics, please do not apply for this position. Likewise, please do not reach out to us if you think that SUP yoga and ACRO yoga are authentic yoga forms. It just won’t be a good match. Admittedly, these are fun activities — “play” is an essential part of a creative life — but we are looking for someone who will help us maintain and enhance the integrity of yoga as the noble science that it is. For more about our financial goals, see are not interested in being the biggest, just the most valuable to our niche. This is at the core of what we do. If that resonates with you, we’d love to meet you.


About NomadYOGI

NomadYOGI is the Yogi's Social Network: A complete web platform designed to explore, organize, and share a yoga-centered life.
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