What was NomadYOGI?

NomadYOGI was the Yogi’s Social Network: A complete web platform designed to explore, organize, and share a yoga-centered life.

NomadYOGI is more than a yoga directory, which merely lists the details of upcoming events. We designed it to be social, providing a community platform for students, a simple promotion and scheduling system for teachers, a targeted marketing and advertising solution for venues, and a smooth transaction experience for everyone. NomadYOGI is a single point-of-focus to inspire, educate, research, schedule, promote, communicate, and transact.

Accessible on any device, our comprehensive web app helps students find the right teacher or studio according to individual development needs by filtering criteria including, style, date, location, price, and other qualities relevant to yoga. Teachers, studios, and retreat centers are also free to connect directly to students and other teachers in one user-friendly site, helping yoga aspirants of all levels deepen their practice.

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