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So, how’s your laundry?

On the joy of washing my clothes in a bucket from Goa, India. Continue reading

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NomadYOGI September Newsletter!

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~Ernest Hemingway Dear NomadYOGIs… It’s been just a few months since we released our Q&A feature, giving you an opportunity … Continue reading

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How Billionaires Do Burning Man

Like all people who hate Burning Man, I enjoy nothing more than reading articles about Burning Man. In February, Felix Gillette chronicled the semi-clad class warfare at last year’s Burning Man for Bloomberg Businessweek. Despite being a festival based on radical self-reliance, Black Rock … Continue reading

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‘Ashtanga Yoga can be taught to anyone by an experienced and sensitive teacher’

New interview with Danny Paradise has popped up out of Italy. Complete transcription is here, and a brief excerpt: I aim to spend as much time as possible in Nature. When I can be immersed in Nature for long periods … Continue reading

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