Are there membership plans on NomadYOGI, yet?

Finally, yes!

Our SADHAKA plan is our first membership plan, released in 2015, built for Event Creators who love our free features and are ready to put more events into the directory. We designed it after listening to feedback from our users who prefer to receive reservations on their own websites, booking agents, or current payment processors. However, if you do the math, you’ll find that processing your transactions through our system will quickly reduce the amount of money and time you spend managing your events.

You’ll continue to get all the features of our free YOGI plan:

  • Full teacher profile with Q&A tab and Stream of Consciousness dashboard making it easier than ever to share with your current students and connect with new ones
  • No set up fees
  • Send messages to your followers/purchasers as individuals or as a group
  • Complete calendar syncing for both you and your purchasers
  • Display in rotation of “Recommended” sections based on user preferences

Now, when you upgrade to the SADHAKA plan, you’ll be able to list up to 10 events in our directory, and take payment elsewhere, if you wish. This means that when a student clicks the Buy Now button on your event’s profile page, we’ll send them to the URL you designate to complete their purchase. Unlike our competitors, we won’t charge you anything extra for sending those students to your site.

Just remember that NomadYOGI can handle all aspects of your booking. It’s true. The following features make it easy to keep all aspects of inside NomadYOGI, at no additional cost!

On the SADHAKA plan, charge whichever is less: 3% of the ticket price or $29.95 per ticket. Soon, we’ll offer additional plans that will pack even more features and reduce this fee even lower.


About NomadYOGI

NomadYOGI is the Yogi's Social Network: A complete web platform designed to explore, organize, and share a yoga-centered life.
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