K.I.S.S. Ashtanga

The Confluence Countdown

Lately, for whatever reason — an actual increase or my coincidental checking of Instagram, Facebook etc. — I’ve seen a lot of posts, from teachers and others, breaking down this asana and that one.

Maybe you have, too. It typically is a picture followed by a huge block of text going into specifics about the pose, and maybe some more esoteric thoughts associated with the asana.

In the interest of balance (or of yoga), I’m going to push back on this a bit. (And I know this runs counter to the spirit of our Friday asana aid not to mention a website/blog in general. I also know I’ve dug into the K.I.S.S. well before. Not that one.)

I know it’s helpful — often imperative — to have a pose broken down in detail to understand what you’re trying to do. My push back is this: Keep it in perspective…

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