NomadYOGI September Newsletter!

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” ~Ernest Hemingway

Dear NomadYOGIs…

It’s been just a few months since we released our Q&A feature, giving you an opportunity to talk about ANY questions related to yoga. We’re excited to see yogis sharing personal transformations from their yoga paths, as well as discussing the historical and theoretical backgrounds of this practice.

This month, Anita Rafidi explores how our yoga practices can help us transform our own unique perspectives, and help us “drop the judgment.” We invite you to join Anita’s thoughtful reflection on how yoga brought humility to her life, and the conversation it has sparked.

Similarly, we invite you to “drop in” with your thoughts on the question posed by Naren Herrero regarding the relationship between Ahimsa and Dharma. #MoreYogaLessFluff

As usual, we are also featuring some amazing opportunities for yoga retreats this Fall — in Bali, Mexico, and New Hampshire. There’s a lot to choose from this month, so take a look and see what’s waiting for you on

NomadYOGIs Share Wisdom:

How has your yoga practice brought humility to your life?

“I used to ‘know it all.’ How people should live, what decisions or directions they should take, how to accumulate wealth, gain happiness, be successful. Since I have learned yoga, I have learned that everyone is on their own paths—and life is giving them their lessons.”  Read More+

What is Ahimsa and how does it relate to Dharma?

“The Sanskrit word ahimsa has been popularly translated as ‘non-violence’, particularly in relation to Mahatma Gandhi and his political-spiritual methods for the independence of India. Anyway, I think the translation, though not inaccurate, doesn’t fully express the meaning of a very important concept in Hinduism as well as Buddhism and Jainism.”  Read More+


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Mandala Yoga Bali with Desiree Kleemann

Live Free & Shine Yoga Retreat in New Hampshire with Carrie Lehtonen

Affordable Yoga Retreat in Tulum, Mexico with Lauren Donelson & Brittany Kraft


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