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It’s an exciting time for us and, although there are some competitors entering the space at the same time as we are, they appear to be built by people serving the “fitness industry” or high tech types looking to cash in on the popularity of yoga. We hope to demonstrate that we’re here to elevate the conversation around this noble science and support a certain type of yoga practitioner — a dedicated one! — not just provide a business proposition to the marketplace.

One of our goals is to build a combination of social networks (Tumblr+Twitter+Quora) that’s exclusively focused on yoga. Of course another, is to provide an alternative to payment processors like MindBody and (to a lesser extent) EventBrite, as well as reduce the need for newsletter services that don’t integrate with your social and transactional services.

But another goal is to build a platform where yoga teachers can gain a following based on the quality of their insight, not just the production value of their yoga-selfie gallery and the size of their marketing budget. We’ve achieved this by adding a Q&A feature onto all yoga teacher profiles, which are like their own websites on NomadYOGI. This allows any student to send a question to any yoga teacher in the world, and learn from those who are willing to share.

Both the question and the answer are made public, which means everyone can benefit.  Unlike Facebook or Twitter, these answers don’t disappear into a feed. Instead, they become part of the yoga teacher’s profile and since we designed these pages to be SEO friendly, we boost visibility, both on the site and across the web…We work hard to let top search engines index each page so yogis everywhere can easily find and read them later. You can learn more about it here.

All this is FREE!

We’re not going to make money off this content. For us, this isn’t about money; it’s about highlighting yogis with valuable insight. We’re trying to make NomadYOGI work without ads, and if users continue transacting through our system, we won’t have to.

At NomadYOGI, our goal is to create a social network where our pursuit of yoga can thrive physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and academically. We want to act as stewards for the yoga community, and this is one more way we’re doing it. Why is it so cheap and how does NomadYOGI make it’s money?


About NomadYOGI

NomadYOGI is the Yogi's Social Network: A complete web platform designed to explore, organize, and share a yoga-centered life.
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