How does NomadYOGI’s team work together? …7 Secrets for the Digital Nomad

New Combined infographic NomadYOGI

NomadYOGI is developed by a coordinated team that spans Europe, India, various locations in SE Asia, and across North America. We respond quickly to internal and external feedback in order to fix bugs and prevent bottlenecks, so it’s important to have tools that connect everyone, efficiently.

  1.  Asana – Because email is dead. Asana makes it possible for us to manage workflow and discussions across assignments. It is absolutely fundamental to our ability to get shit done across 6 time zones, as a team.
  1. Skitch – Because marking up screenshots with annotations is an easy way to point out bugs and work on graphic design when none of use are in the same room.
  1. UserVoice is our choice for customer care. Our users can reach our help desk by clicking a little green question mark at the bottom right off any page on NomadYOGI. Once a question is posted, anyone on our team can respond, quickly, and everyone can see the conversation thread, ensuring we’re providing the best support. We built an extensive FAQ library with Uservoice that we’re constantly updating with feedback from our users. This helps us build a large, public knowledge base for people who need additional instructions about our various features — really important for a site that’s as big as ours.
  1. Google for Business makes some powerful products. It’s our preferred tool for creating and editing all copy before it makes it into our staging site.
  • Docs & Sheets – These have their obvious uses, but “show revision history” allows us to track changes without all the nasty markups in MS Word and see who wrote what.  Important when a team of people is editing a doc/sheet. Plus, the commenting feature allows us to share ideas, converse, and resolve issues directly INSIDE the document so everyone is on the same page (pun acknowledged)
  • Slides  – Presenting new ideas to each other is one thing, but we also use this as a way to throw around new ideas for info graphics before handing them off to the design team.
  • Drive  – It’s super easy to share, organize and access files across devices and team members and contractors, setting permissions when we’re working on the more sensitive stuff.
  • GoogleCalender  – The UI provides an easy time zone support display and the ability to allow invitees to modify the event as needed. This means everyone can figure out a time that works, without one central organizer checking everyone else’s calendars.
  • Hangouts – for communications and conferences. But, depending on the device, team member preference, and time of day, we switch between variety of apps (like iMessage and Skype) to ping each other with quick notes but mostly, all the discussions get pointed back to tasks in Asana, so everyone can stay updated.
  1. 8tracks – When settling in for a few hours at a desk/cafe, it’s important to set the mood, get into the music and work. 8tracks allows us to stream playlists from every genre and country. It’s internet radio created by people, not algorithms, and it’s the best source for music discovery on the web. Recently, we started creating our own yoga playlists, for others to enjoy.
  1. MindNode – for brainstorming. It’s an awesome way to get keep track of all ideas when they come bursting out in a fit of inspiration and 2 cups of Vietnamese coffee. It’s simple, easy to use and pretty.
  1. Buffer (Bufferapp) – for social media organization & planning. We’re on the awesome plan and love it.  Buffer makes it easy to curate and organize most of our social media output.

Thanks for reading.  If you have any secret tools for managing virtual teams, please share them in the comments below.

Love and Light,



About NomadYOGI

NomadYOGI is the Yogi's Social Network: A complete web platform designed to explore, organize, and share a yoga-centered life.
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